How to get your kids to eat right… and not crib!

How to get your kids to eat right… and not crib!

If you have a fussy eater, you’ve got a handful! Eating food however shouldn’t be so difficult right? It won’t be, if you try and implement some of these tips shared by moms who swear it worked for them. No more chasing them from one room to another with food. 

1. Handle the fussy eaters... and don't lose your mind in the process

Making your kids eat when they keep running away from it, can be quite tiring; and when you’re running behind them with a plate, it can be tiring literally too! Here are top tips to get your fussy-eaters to eat right.

2. Practice what you preach... without having to eat tasteless food

When you encourage your kids to eat healthy, you need to change your eating habits to lead by example. When you think of healthy food, the first thing that comes to mind is salads! But when you think of salads what comes to mind is tasteless, raw, appetite killing food. Well, salads need not suck and here’s how you can make salads that are tasty! 

3. Give them what they like... with hidden veggies

If you ask your kids what they like, they’d say pasta or pizza or anything that is synonymous to junk food. But being a parent who worries about what they eat, you don’t want them to eat just junk. So don’t! Just make sure to make the food healthy in whatever ways possible. Here are some recipes for things kids like but can be made healthy with some easy additions!


4. Shop for healthy food... without drilling a hole in your pocket

What goes in your tummy is mostly the result of what goes in your shopping cart. Shop right to eat right. Here are some tips to ensure you shop for healthy food items, don’t engage in impulse purchases that you later regret and make the process of shopping fun and satisfying.

5. Make a shift... without going overboard

Sometimes all it takes is swapping some unhealthy items with better options to make that much needed lifestyle change. And this swapping need not be so extreme that it becomes difficult to follow. Simple changes in your eating habits can go a long way. Here are some top swapping ideas.

6. Help them understand all about food groups… with fun games!

The more your kids are aware about nutrition, the more aware they will be about what’s going in their plate and eventually their stomach. Toiing’s Nutrivity kit helps kids understand food groups, good food and bad food, appropriate meal portions etc. with the help of games they’ll love to play.

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