Hygiene tips to keep your kids safe from Coronavirus - Mansi Zaveri, KidsStopPress

Hygiene tips to keep your kids safe from Coronavirus - Mansi Zaveri, KidsStopPress

While people are all trying to fight this evil, we know we’re most worried about our little ones. Although we do ensure that our kids wash their hands frequently, there are still some things that we miss out on telling them.

Mansi Zaveri – founder of Kids Stop Press shares some tips to wade through these tough times.

Tip #1: Choose a sanitizer that has more than 60% alcohol

Alcohol-based sanitizers can quickly reduce the number of microbes on hands; however, it should have at least 60% alcohol concentration to work effectively.

Tip #2: Ensure the sanitizer stays for at least 20 seconds on your palm

Put some sanitizer on your palm, rub your hands together properly for 20 seconds and do not rub off excess against your clothes or towel, let it dry on your palms.

Tip#3: Cover your mouth with your elbow when you cough/sneeze

Do not cough on your palms or use a handkerchief as you may forget to wash your hands and touch your face unintentionally.

Tip#4: Teach your kids to face their hands frequently

Wash your hands thoroughly for 20 seconds, you can ask your kids to sing the “Happy Birthday” twice as they wash their hands. Ensure they wash their nails and finger gaps properly.

Tip#5: Dispose off the used tissue after you cough or sneeze

Dispose the tissue immediately, if that tissue rests somewhere it might do a larger harm to people around us.

Tip#6: Use a disinfectant spray to keep germs away

Spray the disinfectant on your dining tables, kid’s school bag, and other surfaces as it helps kill 99.9% germs.

Tip#7: Be aware of your school’s sanitation policy and standards

Understand the sanitation policy of your kid’s schools and get actively involved. Keep your kids back at home if they aren’t keeping well, rest will help in faster recovery and also avoid spreading it to other kids.


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