Toiing Quarantivities: Engaging Kids At Home | Age 3 - 5 Years

Toiing Quarantivities: Engaging Kids At Home | Age 3 - 5 Years

We believe that Play is the best way for our kids (and for us) to learn, and become better people in the process. As an extension of our love for play, we began Quarantivities, live sessions to keep kids engaged during the lock down with a bunch of fun activities.

We have created WhatsApp Groups where we will send newer ways to keep our kids engaged indoors in the coming days as we make do with limited play options. You can look forward to fun Indoor Play Ideas, Quick Recipes, Workout Ideas, Book Reviews and Puzzles for kids in the coming weeks.

Sign up with us by simply messaging 'Yes' to +91 8657553470

Here are the links to our past sessions for age group 3 - 5 years

Rhyme Dancing with Pooja Jambotkar

Here’s your chance, to sing and dance! We just rhymed! Just like Pooja will, in this special fun tasting dance session. Being a certified Kanga trainer she uses her expertise in dance to have fun and do some cardio. Get ready for rhymes, dance and exercise! .

Pooja Jambotkar is a certified Kanga trainer and country leader for India. She is also a trainer dancer and she uses this expertise in Kanga training to engage kids through fun dance moves.

Story Telling with Priya Somani

Why Donuts Have A Hole? Let's solve the mystery in this fun story telling and sing along session. There's an added bonus where kids will learn to make their own donut photo frame.

Priya Somani an ECCE trained teacher is the founder of @littlenewtonslab a workshop based platform for kids.

Materials Required:

A circular cut out (12 cm diameter) with a circular hole in the center (4 cm diameter) of a cardboard/white chart paper, Pencil colours/crayons/sketch pens, Pencil & eraser, Small size Photograph, Fevicol/Glue, Stick/String/Ribbon

StoryTelling With Finger Puppets with John Pradeep

Learn to make fun finger puppets and weave stories around the puppet characters for an interactive story telling experience.

John Pradeep JL is India's first theater-based children's coach! He conducts 'Storytelling through Puppetry' sessions with Evam's Happy Cow - an experiential learning platform enabling behavioral skill development of children through theater forms like Mime, Puppetry, Shadow play, Speech and drama etc. 

Materials Required: 

Chart Paper, Scissors, Sketch Pens, Glue

Visit To The Circus Yoga with Sabrina

Experience a visit to the circus indoors through Yoga poses! Join your kids in this session and relax your body & mind. 

Sabrina, the founder of Li’l Yogis is a passionate fitness enthusiast and free spirited mompreneur as well as author of Ocean Yoga!

Materials Required: 

Yoga Mat

Fun Fitness with Jamie

Make your kids super fit, happy and strong through fun exercises like frog burpees, superhero squats and much more!

Jamie is the founder of The Kids Coach which has been sharing the joy of health and fitness to kids all over the world since 2015.

Afro Fitness with Kwabena KB

Meet Kwabena KB from the UK taking a session on Afro Motion - a full on energy dance plus workout routine that’s going to leave you sweaty and happy!

Kwabena KB is a Dance and Fitness instructor & the founder of MOVEWITHKB & @afro_motion. He specializes in dance as well as aerobics and HIIT exercise programs called Afro motion.

Interactive Story Telling with Richa

Learn how Gajapati beats the summer heat in this interactive story telling session based on the book Gajapati Kulapati Kalabalooosh!

Get ready for an adventure with the king of the jungle and listen to the story of what happened when the lion went for a haircut.

Richa Sethi, is the co-founder of GetLitt!, a gamified reading & writing community for kids below 13 years of age.

StoryTelling With Sock Puppets with John Pradeep

What better time to develop your child’s behavioral skills? And if it’s done through story-telling, that’s cherry on the cake right! Get your kids to be part of this fun experience to entertain them in this lock down period.

John Pradeep JL is India's first theater-based children's coach! He conducts 'Storytelling through Puppetry' sessions with Evam's Happy Cow - an experiential learning platform enabling behavioral skill development of children through theater forms like Mime, Puppetry, Shadow play, Speech and drama etc. 

Materials Required: 

Sock, White Paper, Sketch Pens, Glue


Sing Along With Sneha 

Join in this fun sing along session where the kids will sing songs about animals, elephants, gravity and family!

Sneha Sundaram, is the founder of Kutuki - India's most loved digital library for preschoolers. Join her on a fun, foot tapping, sing along session with Kutuki's most loved children's songs!

Hindi Rhymes Music with Shyama Panikker

Let your kids be a part of a fun musical extravaganza where they learn some musical notes and also have a lot of fun in the process! Whether you sing well or not, the session is for everyone!

Shyama Panikkar is the founder of Sur Taal Masti - an Indian Music Enrichment program for kids between 1 to 10 years. The founder, has extensive training in Indian Classical music and her sessions are thoroughly enjoyable!

Material Required: 2 Metal Spoons

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