Parenting - The Good, Bad and Ugly

Parenting - The Good, Bad and Ugly

Every parent goes through moments when they feel like they’re the luckiest people in the world to feeling like they could do without the baby for a few days to wanting to run away from it all. What phase of this journey are you currently in?

The Good

Taking pride in being a cool mom.

The one who other kids wish was their mom. Once in a while you will do things not expected of you. Like allowing ice-cream in winters, not punishing your child for a prank they pulled or letting your child go out with friends without adult supervision. The kids will call you the cool aunt and you will beam with pride!

Spending every waking moment adoring your baby

The phase where you can’t believe how cute your baby is! You can’t take your eyes off them and it’s unbelievable that you could produce a jackpot like them!

The giver of best advices!

You give the best advice to your child, save them from trouble and keep them safe. You don’t even know when you grew up so much to not just put sense into another human being, but to also be looked up to, for your advices. You know it all because after all, you’ve made worse mistakes and have learnt a lot along the way.

Becoming a child again

You love the crazy things you do together. You love to bring out a side in you that you almost forgot existed. You make funny noises, do the funny dance, be a donkey for them and even frame the illegible notes they write for you. You’d do whatever you can to make this tiny little person happy, including being a tiny little person yourself!


The times you want to cry because you can’t believe how good they are! You can’t imagine what you’d do without them. They complete your life in ways you could never imagine.

The Bad

When it hits, it hits hard

You realize half your time is spent pacifying them. Sometimes, nothing makes it better. They cry and wail and you have no clue what to do.

You feel like you’re not a parent material at all!

You almost drop them, and sometimes actually drop them. You don’t know how to make them stop crying, they don’t eat, don’t sleep and don’t talk. You wonder how you are going to survive parenthood.

The Ugly

You're sleep deprived and almost insane

They drive you crazy, don’t let you rest and you are constantly worried about what they are going to put in their mouth next. It’s crazy and we know it.


This is pure evil

You want to sometimes do the unthinkable just to have some peace of mind. Thoughts that others may call ‘evil’ enter your mind. You have to stay calm and composed no matter what.

We know parenthood can drive you crazy. But if you sit and count your good, bad and ugly – you’d realize how the good outweighs the bad and ugly combined!

Isn’t that what makes it worth it?

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