Slaying the summer holidays!

Slaying the summer holidays!

While summer holidays are the perfect time to laze around, chill-out and while away time, none of us want the kids to be stuck to the TV, X-box or mobile phones just because it is too hot to play outside. Kids staying glued to the TV, might seem like a good thing to keep them busy at the time but will soon become a habit you will struggle to get rid of. We might often run out of ideas to keep the little ones meaningfully engaged indoors. And so, here’s a list of fun things you can do this summer holiday:
How to win against the idiot box
  1. Beautify the home!
 Take it as a project you will do with your child. Ask your kids to plan how to re-arrange existing furniture for a fresh look. They could even draw the room with their plan and recommendations. Ask them to pick new bedsheets, curtains etc. Look up for easy DIY home décor ideas and ask your kids to work on these. Personalize spaces with photographs and paintings – you can ask your kids to pick their favourites.
  1. Puzzle races

Take 2 or 3 different puzzles with over a 100 pieces to increase difficulty level. The family can get divided into teams and compete to finish a puzzle or it can be just you and your child trying to see who puts their puzzle together first!
  1. Grow something!

This can be a great way to get kids to stay hooked on something for a long time. Grow a plant or a vegetable and give the responsibility of growing, nurturing and taking care of this plant to your kid. They can take pictures of the plant at various stages of growth, water the plant everyday and watch their hard-work bear fruits (or flowers :D).
P.S. Summer weather patterns can make growing a plant a tad bit harder. Warm-season vegetables, such as peppers and tomatoes, are summer crops; they require both warm soil and high temperatures to grow and produce fruit. Flower plants like Marigold and Roses grow well in summers and can grow all-year if taken care of.
  1. Make a family tree

Spend a day helping them put both yours and your spouse’s family tree together. This can be a fun creative project that also gives you a chance to get your kids acquainted with your ancestral roots and extended family. Let them colour and decorate it too!
  1. Show them how science is fun
There are just too many easy-to-experiment-with, science projects out there. Here’s a list of interesting websites to get you started-
  1. Invite their friends

Throw them a surprise or plan with them to invite their friends over to your place. It’s good to see your friends outside of school and especially on holidays. Let them play games together and have fun. Arrange for juices and snacks and let them have a great time!
  1. Play games

Some games can be highly addictive and keep your kids busy for a long time. Choose from the 11 card games by Toiing that are fun, educational and super-addictive or pick a board game that can be played together as a family or alone. Make your pick here:
We’ve also put together special summer combos with a range of diverse games and toys for different age groups. Make your pick here:
  1. Cook together!

Try these easy recipes for kids and spend time doing something fun in the kitchen –
  1. DIY projects

Try one of our #OutOfTheBox project ideas made using amazon cartons that are easily found in the house -
More projects on our FB page :
Or simply try finding something interesting on pinterest. There are endless DIY ideas you can do with your child.
It is important to keep it simple and fun because in the end, nobody wants to be weighed down by an extensively planned summer holiday. It’s about finding the perfect balance of fun activities and relaxing times to have a chilled out summer vacation. Most of all, celebrate the #smalljoys of togetherness for a memorable time!
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