The young teachers of our lives

The young teachers of our lives

There is no denying that parents are our first teachers in life. And the lessons that parents teach us go on to shape our whole lives and in a special way mould us into the people we eventually become. But what most children don’t know is the fact that they teach us parents so much more! That’s why it’s so often said, becoming a parent is like taking a second birth, because there is so much that we learn from our children, who in reality become the youngest yet most impactful teachers we could ever come across. 

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Maybe it’s just the overwhelming feeling of being able to look into the eyes of this little human who is a mini version of you, and knowing in that instant that there is nothing that you wouldn’t do for this little bundle of life in your hands.

But it doesn’t end there. As days pass by, you realize that there is more than just cuddling this piece of your heart. There is feeding and changing diapers and putting them to sleep and them wailing at 3 a.m in the morning. And you come to the realization that just affection is not going to be enough to sustain you through this. And so you adapt to this little addition to your life who slowly takes up all of your time, only to find out that through all of this, you manage to love them a little more everyday, unceasingly, irrevocably and unconditionally. And so the first lesson they teach you is how to truly be crazily madly in love.

So this ‘Teacher’s Day’ we are listing out the most important life lessons that these tiny teachers teach us. So sit back and relive the nostalgic memories we all have had as parents.

1. Patience

It’s impossible not to develop patience when looking after a kid who needs you for literally everything. They teach you to be patient and focus on the irrelevant things because that is what is relevant to them. You learn to distract them as they take hours to eat, you learn to wait for them to poop before you take them out of the house and you learn their favourite lullaby because that’s the only way they will sleep. And you slowly learn to wait…. Stay calm…. Be patient.

2. Wonder

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They take you out of the rat race and let you pause for a moment to wonder at the beauty of the simple things in life. The colours and sounds that fascinate them and make them giggle. It makes you value every tiny achievement of theirs, which is marked by the zillion pictures of them in your phone. The joy of them wrapping their hands around your finger as they fall asleep is unparalleled. And with wonder, you learn to find happiness in the small things.

3. Explore



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A child can truly teach you how many infinite possibilities life has. And show you a new perspective that you didn’t think about. Like when they use a bowl as a cap, or when they close their eyes and think you can’t see them, or when you tell them not to touch something, and the next thing they do is go touch it. The lesson that we all need to learn is to let go of the norms and explore, maybe then we might truly be able to laugh as often as children do and love as boldly as them.

4. Do What You Love

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Do they ever put their toys back after playing? Or do they ever keep their shoes in place? I’m guessing your answer was “NO!”. That’s because they only do what they love. And so many times we find ourselves doing things we absolutely hate doing simply to prove ourselves to people or society. Kids are probably so happy all the time because they love what they're doing, and maybe that’s how we were all supposed to live life after all!

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