Where did the summers go?

Where did the summers go?

Summer vacations are almost over. And however unfortunate that is, there’s a whole list of things to be done before school re-opens. Going to school after a long holiday will not be the most exciting idea for kids. Getting them prepped and changing your routine for them is going to be quite a struggle for you too. So here’s a list of things you could do to make the transition from holidays to school, easier.

  1. Early to bed, early to rise
If your kids spent the holidays sleeping until noon, they’re obviously going to have a tough time breaking-up with their beds when school re-opens. One day at a time, start waking your kids close to the time they have to be up for school. And give them a good reason to wake up early – go cycling with them or take them on a drive. These activities will ensure that waking up early, is not-so-bad for them.
  1. Buy new stationary
One thing kids are always excited about, is to flaunt their new back-pack, tiffin box, compass box etc. To make this more exciting, let them choose what they want. Everything from neatly covered books to cool looking stickers are fascinating for kids. This can easily prove to be a motivation to go to school on the first day.
  1. Read through the syllabus
To know what to expect in the next year’s curriculum, make them glance through the new books. Kids like to know everything before-hand and like to show to others how they know everything there is. Subjects like history with stories about freedom fighters, can be genuinely interesting for the kids to read.
  1. Clean the study space
A new year at school means doing away with old books and used-up stationary. Cleaning the bookshelf and study table can make a huge difference in making the routine of studying more efficient.
  1. Make resolutions
The start of the year is a perfect time to make new goals. Put them down on paper and stick it on your study table so you see it every day. The goals can be both academic and non-academic but it is the goal for the year and will keep the kids pumped to attain the goals if you attach small incentives to it.
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