Memorytoi : Electronic Memory Game That Teaches Persistence

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  • WHAT'S INSIDE: An electronic memory toy (3 LR44 batteries inside) and a persistence booklet with activities that help kids learn persistence

  • HOW TO PLAY: 1) Pull out the white strip at the back to activate 2)Press the Start button to start the game 3) Observe the order in which the colored buttons flash on the Memorytoi 4) Press the colored buttons in the same order as they were played 5) The buzzer will go off if the sequence is incorrect or if time has run out 6) The number of colours in a sequence keeps increasing in every round - see how many levels you can reach

  • PERSISTENCE BOOKLET: In addition to building memory, the Memorytoi also builds persistence as you focus to clear more levels and get better with more attempts! To make the learning stronger, we have added fun DIY games designed to help kids practice persistence. Encourage your kids to keep trying harder as they see improvements in their performance

  • ENGAGE KIDS INDOORS: Whether you're trying to keep kids indoor or taking a trip, this is a great way to keep your kids engaged and away from screens

  • WHY GIFT THIS: Boys or girls, this one is a great hit with kids and most importantly, you get to pass on a life skill of persistence!

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