Toiing Fingatoi Fast-Paced Educational Learning Fun Game

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  • A thrilling game of speed and observation, this board game is sure to cause a riot in your house
  • Observe the pattern of colours on the cards and be the fastest player to wear the given rings as per the pattern on the card to win the round, the player to win the maximum number of cards at the end of the game, wins
  • There are three types of patterns given vertical (wear on one finger), horizontal (use different fingers of the same hand) and mixed combination of horizontal and vertical patterns
  • An excellent board game for cognitive development and fine motor skills
  • Comes with detailed instructions for playing, contains 54 colour cards, 20 colourful rings and 1 bell
  • Fingatoi - fast-paced educational learning fun game for boys and girls, develops observation skills and comprehension.

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Best to improve concentration and speed

One of the best games that improves concentration and speed at best ever price!!! My daughter fell love with this game😍😍