Ludotoi - Pirate Themed Ludo Board Game, Age 4+ Years

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  • WHAT'S INSIDE: Game board, Pirate pawns, Police pawns and 1 Dice

  • OBJECTIVE: Race each other to get all your pawns to the treasure. Can be played by 2, 3 or 4 players

  • HOW TO PLAY: Pick a side and form two teams - Police and Pirates. In case of 3 players, the single player gets a special superpower to compete against the other team. Play like ludo, but with a few twists

  • FUN COLLABORATIVE FAMILY GAME WITH TWISTS: In this game, teams collaborate to play together to win and also need to avoid a few traps.

  • CAVE TILES & JAIL TILES: A police landing on a cave tile or a pirate landing on a jail tile, gets captured and cannot play till their team rolls a 6 on their turn.

  • BRIDGES: Use your colour's bridges to jump ahead in the game

  • WHY GIFT THIS: This is a great replacement to a standard Ludo - with greater excitement and more moves to make the game a lot more fun

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monika jain

Toiing Ludotoi - Pirate Themed Ludo Board Game, Great Birthday Gift for Kids (4 year old and above)