About Us

We are an imaginative bunch of people who believe in the power of play to make us better people through life skills like resilience, empathy, positivity, teamwork and leadership. We are parents first, toy makers second and we make fun toys & games that are thoughtfully designed to help you raise emotionally intelligent kids. 


The Toiing Credo

What little ones do
when they’re not told what to do,
That’s play.

Play is art, with no outlines.
Play is science, so far undiscovered.
Play is geography, yet to be explored.
Play is numbers that add up, even when they don’t.
Play is language being invented as it’s spoken.
Play is when what if turns into what is.
Play is what makes little minds and bodies grow.

Sometimes play goes a step beyond
It reaches right in and touches little hearts,
with a resounding sound.
The sound of little feet finding their way in the maze of emotions,
This is the sound of anger being slayed and fear being squashed
Of laughter chasing sad tears away.
The sound of comfort, sunshine and joy.
An act of kindness, A bell of calm
A mantra of focus, a gong of attention.
Toiing is the sound of a child
Discovering how strong he is on the inside.