About Us

An imaginative brand with an Indian soul - our disruptive range of toys offers a distinct blend of creative content & fresh designs catering to a diverse tribe of fun-seekers! We have designed our toys to make kids play with friends and family - laughing and learning like we did when we were young. Our toys are accompanied by thoughtful content that helps you bond with kids while having fun yourself.


The Toiing Credo

Parenthood isn’t a destination, it’s a journey.

A journey that’s joyous and enriching,

But at times, tricky and ridiculously frustrating!

As you navigate the choppy waters of parenthood,

Transitioning from being young adults to parents,

Juggling work commitments and running a household,

Let Toiing be the companion who nudges you to explore,

And discover your unique style of parenting.

With a funny name, an Indian soul & an earnest love for play,

We are on a mission to help you steal

Moments of togetherness with your child, every day.

We design funtivities that slip right into your daily schedule;

A little something to do together when you are dropping them at school,

Putting them to sleep, having meals or even working out.

Right from card games to board games,

Art and craft activities to outdoor games,

Explore our range of thoughtful options and pick the ones that work for you.

Even if it’s just 5 minutes, these everyday moments you spend together

Will go a long way in helping kids grow into well-rounded individuals,

And create memories you will cherish forever.

So what are you Toiing with today?