Give your child the super power of kindness!

Toiing and Kindness Unlimited have come together to encourage kids to donate their pre-loved toys to the underprivileged kids. Donate-A-Toi initiative hopes to give kids the experience of joy-of-giving and in the process bring smiles to the faces of needy kids.

All you need to do:

1. Register your kids for the Donate-A-Toi Initiative 

2. Set up a donation box in your housing society and encourage your kids to collect as many toys as they can from their friends

3. Reach out to Toiing at +91 86575 53470 and pass on the collected toys

That's not all!

Every kid participating in this initiative will be awarded with a Certificate of Kindness, Surprise Gift from Toiing and Free Access to all Toiing events in Mumbai!

*Toys collected should be in a good, working condition as they will be handed over directly to underprivileged kids


About Kindness Unlimited:

Kindness Unlimited has worked from 2005 onwards inspiring individuals & communities with the power of Kindness! KU fuels the human story by being a driver of empathy and continually underscoring its motto of ‘Balancing Self Interest with the Common Good’. A band of connectors, catalysts and influencers, KU attempts to unite givers and takers, by virtue of breaking down divisibility, building social capital and strengthening human connection.