Summer Vacation Combo Pack 2 - Mega pack with summer activities & games

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  • An irresistibly discounted combo of art & craft activities, a card game, a board game and an action toy – these combos are perfect for summer vacations! This pack contains a DoodleToi (art), RockArt (DIY), Forbidden (card game), FruiToi (board game) and BlasToi (action toy)
  • To satiate the art lover in you, this pack contains a Doodletoi and a Rock Art kit. The Doodletoi has one magical scratch sheet with a wooden stylus which you can use to make a colourful drawing. The Rock Art is a reusable kit with 4 river stones, 12 tempera paints, a paintbrush and an inspiration booklet with 50 quirky designs to get you started. Just wash the rocks under water to reuse them for another design!
  • Forbidden is a card-game that's constrained by words but not by fun! This is a guessing game where your team has to guess the word you are describing – the only catch is that you cannot use the Forbidden words on the card to describe the word. Detailed instructions are given on a card inside the pack
  • Fruitoi is a fast-paced board game that you’ll never be bored of! It comes with 3 dice – a colour dice, a number dice and a fruit dice. Observe the dice and beat your friends to pick up the cards with the combinations matching that on the dice. Detailed instructions given on the back of pack
  • The perfect companion for the action seeker, the Blastoi is an air-powered gun. With 12 foam bullet balls that are perfectly safe to be played with, both indoors and outdoors. Pull the handle back and forth quickly to create pressure in the gun and blast away! The harder you push, the farther your bullets go

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