Stacktoi Lagori Pitthu Satodiyu: Classic Traditional Outdoor Game, For Kids Age 5+ Years

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  • WHAT'S INSIDE: 7 colourful stones, 1 foam ball for younger kids and 1 rubber ball for older kids to recreate the original fun of playing the game
  • HOW TO PLAY: This game is played in teams of two with equal number of players in each team. One team tries to break the stone pyramid by striking it with a ball. Once the pyramid is broken, the team has to put the pyramid back together while the other team tries to prevent them by striking the players out with the ball.
  • CHILD SAFE: We have made sure the product is fun for younger kids as well by giving two options for the balls - a foam ball for younger kids and a rubber ball for older ones - for them to have the same fun that we used to have while playing the game as kids!
  • WHAT THE KIDS LEARN: This game is great for hand-eye coordination as most sports. It's a great reason to step outdoors as a family and a great way to foster teamwork in kids
  • WHY GIFT THIS: A nostalgic game that can make a great gift for a kid's birthday or even adults for different occasions

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    Mukul Todi

    Stacktoi (Lagori / Pittu / Satodiyu / Seven Stones)

    Rupa Rupa

    Good Product

    Pallavi K.S

    My kids loved it..we play all together.. Daily! Thanks Toiing

    Malti Sharma
    Old memories got refresh

    Superb quality ! i didn’t expect such good quality product in such a low price ! Very happy with the products 😊

    Chanpreet Kaur

    Stacktoi (Lagori / Pittu / Satodiyu / Seven Stones)