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Taking inspiration from the very origin of painting, Rock Art allows you to imagine and paint anything and everything. It's a truly engaging medium for children and allows them to experience painting on a different kind of canvas. To top it off, these colours can be washed off and reused - offering endless possibilities and boundless fun!

If you want to turn any of these into permanent artworks or showpieces, just apply a coat of clear nail paint or varnish on the dried painting. Alternatively, you could also use acrylic colours to make it longer-lasting.


  • 4 Smooth River Rocks
  • 12 Tempera Colours
  • A Paintbrush
  • Inspiration Booklet

Note: The paints are meant to be washable so the rocks can be reused and they are likely to start flaking after a day of being dry

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Great DIY Purchase

Very unique product and a lot of fun painting different characters on this and its re-usable so can make a different character every week!

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