Summer Vacation Combo Pack 1 - Mega pack with summer activities & games

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  • An irresistibly discounted combo of art & craft activities, a card game, a board game and an action – these combos are perfect for summer vacations! This pack contains a DoodleToi (art), SticthToi (DIY), Quick Pick (card game), ChompToi (board game) and RockeToi (outdoor toy)
  • To satiate the art & craft enthusiast in you, this kit has a Doodletoi and a StitchToi. The Doodletoi has 3 magical scratch sheets with a wooden stylus which you can use to make colourful drawings. The DIY Santa Stitchtoi comes with felt pieces, stuffing and a child-friendly plastic needle. Make your felt toy character and don’t forget to read the story that comes in the pack
  • A card game that is bound to keep you engaged for a long time, Quick Pick is the perfect game that you can play alone or in groups. It’s a race to come up with a word which belongs to the given category and starts with the letter matching the colour of the category icon. Detailed instructions are given on a card inside the pack
  • A game with a cute Dino, ChompToi adds a dose of cuteness to the combo pack. This game requires you to have focus and concentration though. Beware! The Dino chomps and you can get caught. Detailed instructions given on the back of pack
  • The last game in the combo is RockeToi. Get out and stomp away with this super fun, super energetic game. The harder you stomp, the higher the rockets go. Foam rockets with LED lights can be played all day, all night, indoors or outdoors. The fun never stops

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