Summer Vacation Combo Pack 4 - Mega pack with summer activities & games

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  • An irresistibly discounted combo of art & craft activities, a card game, a board game and an outdoor game – these combos are perfect for summer vacations! This pack contains a DoodleToi (art), Squeezetoi (construction set), Around the Word (card game), Spelltoi (board game) & Lagori (outdoor game)
  • To satiate the creator in you, this pack contains a Doodletoi and a Squeezetoi pack. The Doodletoi has one magical scratch sheet with a wooden stylus which you can use to make a colourful drawing. The Squeezetoi is a super-fun, building set with limitless design possibilities. It’s a set of more than 400 pieces including 36 cool accessories and comes with an instruction booklet with more than 30 designs of different difficulty levels
  • Around the Word is one card game that will leave your head spinning for sure! Be the first to read out the word in the ring matching the colour on the back of the card to win that card. This fun game game is great for developing language and visual processing and contains a detailed instructions card inside
  • This board game is the perfect combination of fun and learning. Each player gets 5 consonant cards and 1 vowel dice which they must use to call out a word after rolling their dice through the dice slide. The first player to spell a word correctly, wins the round. Detailed playing instructions are given on the back of pack. The pack contains 54 consonant cards, 6 vowel dice and 1 dice slide
  • Pitthu or Lagori - a traditional Indian favourite played outdoors using seven stones and a ball, this set contains real marble stones and a rubber for recreating the original game. It also includes a convenient carry bag for storing the stones and the ball

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