Summer Vacation Combo Pack 5 - Mega pack with summer activities & games

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  • An irresistibly discounted combo of art & craft activities, a card game, a board game and an educational toy – these combos are perfect for summer vacations! This pack contains a Doodletoi (Art), Stitchtoi (DIY), Explorers (card game), Ludotoi (board game) & Memorytoi (educational toy)
  • To satiate the art & craft enthusiast in you, this kit has a Doodletoi and a StitchToi. The Doodletoi has one magical scratch sheet with a wooden stylus you can use to make colourful drawings. The DIY Santa Stitchtoi comes with felt pieces, stuffing and a child-friendly plastic needle. Make your felt toy character and don’t forget to read the story that comes in the pack
  • Go on an adventure hunt inside your home with Explorers as you try to gather all the objects mentioned in your card. Great for developing interpersonal skills and problem-solving, this game is fun, fast-paced and thrilling. Detailed instructions are given on a card inside the pack
  • A fun avatar of the classic board game of Ludo, the Ludotoi is a land of ice and slippery bridges with movable slots that make your penguins fall through holes. The game board comes with a dice popper so the dice is never lost and there are simple, illustrated instructions for assembly and play on the back of pack
  • A captivating electronic memory toy for children above 3 years of age, the Memorytoi is great for enhancing memory and developing patience. Press the Memory button in the center to start one round, observe the order in which the coloured buttons flash and press them in the same order before the buzzer goes off. The number of colours in a sequence keeps increasing with every level you clear. 3 LR44 batteries are included in the toy & also commonly available in stores

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