Toiing Spelltoi Educational Learning Board Game for Spelling and Forming Words for Kids

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Test your spelling genius with this learning toy. Beat your opponents to be the first to spell out words using your cards and dice, this is one exciting word game.
  • The perfect combination of fun and learning, this game challenges you to spell out words using your consonant cards with your vowel dice
  • Each player gets 5 consonant cards which they must use to call out a word after rolling their dice through the dice slide, the first player to spell a word correctly, wins the round
  • Excellent birthday gift for 6 plus year old boys and girls
  • Comes with detailed instructions for playing on the pack, contains 54 consonant cards, 6 vowel dice and 1 dice slide
  • Comes with a compact dice slide which can be used to store the dice and cards while travelling
  • Toiing Spelltoi – educational learning board game for spelling and forming words for kids, compact travel pack

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Very interesting game for kids learning to form words

Very interesting not just for the kid but also for other family members. Initially we had little confusion in explaining the concept to the kid but we adapted to devise our own version. Nice concept